Our Work

The nonprofit, faith-based, health center, “Ajkun Pa Le Qatinimit – Clínica Médica Cristiana“ (APQ), whose work Wachalal directly supports, is located in the town of Santo Tomás la Unión, Suchitépequez, Guatemala. The community- as well as several neighboring smaller communities- has limited access to high quality modern healthcare- with particular deficiencies in access to inpatient and critical care, emergency care, and obstetric care. APQ seeks to fill that gap by providing access to high quality, evidence based, compassionate and culturally appropriate, modern healthcare, without regard to ability to pay for services.

Services include, but are not necessarily limited to: outpatient consultation, inpatient care- including critical care when needed, emergency/acute care, obstetrics, and point of care diagnostics (labs, ultrasound, etc.).